About Me

     Hello and welcome to my website, J.A.K. Photography Inc. I'm very exited you are here. Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Ismael Rivera. I'm a former NYC Firefighter also an artist, and photographer.. While in High School I've developed a big passion for photography since I was part of the journalism and photography club. There was, where I started to developed my skills and passion for photography. Now I finally created my one true passion, J.A.K. Photography Inc. 


     Here I'll combine technical proficiency with artistry to create images of people, animals. events and landscaping. As an artist, I attempt to portrait feelings, thoughts, and other information without the use of words. My equipment includes, two Canon cameras, Three lenses, illumination devices  that I use to record the elements of light and composition in unique and creative ways.


     My Job encompasses more than snapping a shutter, in fact this often accounts for the least amount of time of the many duties in my line of work. I have to schedule appointments, set up meetings, even travel to my clients. The most rewarding part of my job is to see the clients face once the job is completed. I also edit and use  top of the line Adobe software, such as but not limited to; 

  Adobe Photoshop cs6

  Adobe Elements 11 cs6

  Adobe Lightroom 5 cs6

  Adobe Audition cs6

  Adobe Bridge cs6

  Adobe InDesign cs6

  Adobe Fireworks cs6

  Adobe Illustrator cs6


 I hope you enjoy my work and I can make a client out of you also. Enjoy !